A N Y loves Photography

We might say that Mélanie Elbaz is our official photographer: she has photographed Kwamie Liv, Singtank and Soko. She trained at the photography school in Arles and has 20 years’ experience in both fashion (Id Magazine, Redux, Libération, Paulette) and artists’ portraits (Air, La Roux , Grimes, Justice, Asia Argento, Larry Clark). She’s a lifestyle photographer par excellence, always preferring natural images to retouched photos.

Latest news
Maison Boucheron


Maison Boucheron has entrusted us with the launch of its new Haute Joaillerie collection in the Laennec chapel, located in the heart of the Kering Group headquarters.

Kering x Festival de Cannes 2017

A N Y was commissioned, for the third consecutive year, to design and produce Kering’s prestigious dinner, which took place during the Cannes Film Festival. 

Mademoiselle Rochas

Presenting the new Mademoiselle Rochas fragrance was an opportunity to conjure up the image of a natural, spontaneous, vivacious woman.

Conception, design & integration
Photographic & video credits
Showreel Artistic Direction: Benoît Robert - Showreel Post production @hrcls: Christopher Thiery, Benoit Dunaigre, Yann Dubois, Louise Trojani - Showreel Music: Tim Paris - Photographs: Jean-Pierre Llopis, Romain Bourven, Philippe Barbosa, Marc Ausset, Nikolaz le Coq